Pushing a new cybersecurity frontier

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Supporting Mission-Driven Cybersecurity Startups

Cybersecurity is its own wicked problem. We bring a singular focus to this one sector and only invest in novel companies making change.

Unlike most others, we actually come out of cybersecurity and enterprise technology. We are specialists who understand cybersecurity startups.

Build better, faster, and stronger with Darkfield

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Join Us

Darkfield is a 3 month intensive program, both remote and in-person, focusing on cybersecurity product development, company building, and sales. Our explicit goal is to help you build the right product and generate early revenue.


Build Faster, With Clairty

Darkfield focuses on customer discovery and product development. We bring potential users and customers into every design loop to make sure you're building what the market wants.

Cut Through The Noise

You need to stand out. Darkfield brings in support from top cybersecurity and tech branding professionals to help you build the right story around your company and generate the right brand for your customers.

Partner Development

From product integration partners to VARs, you need a strategy of who to engage and when to build value with you. Whether product partners or teaming agreements, Darkfield has the strength of network to turn up key partnerships.

Early Revenue

Darkfield engages top sales leaders on training and supports the development of customer opportunities to increase your potential at early revenue generation, which is the best attractant to future customers and investment.

Capital Support

Darkfield makes a direct capital investment and brings on leading platforms and services providers for an additional value of over $250,000.

Fundraising Development

While Darkfield focuses on product development and sales, we also know that startups need to raise capital. From investor relations development to helping you craft the perfect pitch, we help you get ready to raise the right amount of capital from cybersecurity and tech focused investors.

We're Different

We're Like You


It's because we've been there that we see the value in cybersecurity startups. Our experience tells us that the next wave of value in technology needs to bring trust to people and systems.


What sets us apart is that we actually are technologists and users ourselves. Only those who truly understand the technology can be of outsized value.

It's because we're like you that we're willing to take risk, build opportunity, and help you grow in this complex and closely-held market. 

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