Darkfield Management Team


David Odom

David Odom is a Managing Partner at Darkfield. David has spent the past 20+ years engaged with leading edge startups, vibrant thought leaders and imaginative technologists. And cybersecurity has always been at the forefront of these efforts where David carried out strategic investment roles with a number of platforms including the DoD’s venture capital fund. He also lead a unique virtual accelerator providing capital and strategic guidance to one hundred technology companies.

And when he isn’t working with startup founders, David enjoys cycling through a muddy cyclocross course or up extended climbs in the Colorado foothills, where he pursued amateur competitive bicycle racing. And that spirit of exploration extends to a long history as a BJCPnational level craft beer judge that provides the opportunity to sample the latest innovations from hobbyist and professional brewers.

David can be followed on TwitterLinkedIn, and Medium.

Kreilein Head Shot.jpg

Alex Kreilein

Alex Kreilein is a Managing Partner of Darkfield.  He cofounded SecureSet, which is a Denver-based cybersecurity bootcamp, and previously served as the company's CTO.  For nearly a decade, Alex worked for the U.S. Federal Government in a number of capacities related to cybersecurity and enterprise technology.  He served as a lead cybersecurity strategist at the Department of Homeland Security as a Guest Researcher for the National Institute of Standards & Technology in addition to supporting functions with the intelligence and defense communities.  He's consulted for some of the top brands in the tech and defense industry, spoken at DEF CON and organizes the Denver/Boulder Cybersecurity Meetup.

He is lucky to live in beautiful Colorado where he finds time to advise cybersecurity and analytics startups in between hitting the slopes during the winter and riding his motorcycle in the summer.  An avid cook and cocktail enthusiast, Alex is also a backpacker and amateur photographer.

Alex can be followed on TwitterLinkedIn, and Medium.